Chipotle Cheeze Family Pack - 300g - Cheeze
Creamy Melty Saucy
Chipotle Cheeze Sauce Potatoes
Chipotle Cheeze Sauce Family Pack
Chipotle Cheeze Family Pack - Cheeze

Chipotle Cheeze Family Pack

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Our powdered Plant-Based Cheeze will remind you of your childhood bowls of creamy Mac N Cheese...But we're the NEW CHEEZE in town. Plant-Based, Organic & Gluten-Free. You can now enjoy your delicious comfort foods while knowing they're also healthy!

When you mix our powdered Cheeze with your favourite Plant-Based Milk you get to choose if you want it Creamy, Saucy or Melty! Mac N Cheeze, Cheezy Nachos, Cheezy Dips & More. The possibilities are endless! See cooking instructions.

Each 300g pouch has over 10 Servings per pouch. How much is that?

10 plates of Cheezy Nachos
18 bowls of Mac N Cheeze
16 Grilled Cheezes 



Cheezy Chipotle Potatoes 


Chipotle Cheeze Sauce Potatoes


Make many more amazing recipes with your Plantworthy Food Cheeze Sauce



Nutrition Facts 

Chipotle Nutrition Information



Chipotle Cheeze: Cashews*, Tapioca Flour*, Nutritional Yeast, Chipotle Powder*, Paprika*, Garlic Powder*, Sea Salt

Contains: Cashews - Manufactured in a facility that also handles other food allergens


Cooking Instructions:

Our Chipotle Cheeze Sauce can be used in endless ways depending how you mix it. For:

Mix 1/2 Cup Chipotle Cheeze with 1 1/2 Cup plant-based milk.

Mix 1/2 Cup Chipotle Cheeze with 1 Cup plant-based milk.

Mix 1/2 Cup Chipotle Cheeze with 1/2 Cup plant-based milk.

Mix it up then heat and you have your delicious Chipotle Cheeze Sauce. 


Stovetop: Mix* Cheeze Sauce with the plant-based milk portion above depending which type of Cheeze Sauce you'd like. Heat on medium heat, stirring throughout until Cheeze thickens.

Microwave: Mix* Cheeze Sauce with plant-based milk portion above depending which type of Cheeze Sauce you'd like. Microwave on High for 1 minute. Stir Cheeze. Microwave on High for 30 more seconds or until Cheeze thickens.

* For ultimate creaminess mix plant-based milk and Cheeze Sauce in a blender.