Creamy Pesto Pasta


1/2 Cup ( = 1 x 60g Variety Pack Pouch) Pesto Cheeze
1 1/2 Cup Unsweetened Plant-Based Milk
454g Spaghetti Pasta 
2 Handfuls Cherry Tomatoes
1 Tbsp Water



  1. In a large pot boil water then cook Spaghetti Pasta according to package instructions. 

  2. In a medium pan add Cherry Tomatoes with 1 Tbsp water, cover and cook over medium heat until Cherry Tomatoes begin to soften.

  3. Drain cooked pasta then add Pesto Cheeze and Unsweetened Plant-Based Milk to pot. Cook over medium heat until Pesto Cheeze thickens.

  4. Stir in Cherry Tomatoes, serve hot and top with cracked Black Pepper. 

  5. Enjoy!